“A.P. State Cooperative Marketing Federation Limited”

Andhra Pradesh State Co-operative Marketing Federation Ltd
(REGD Office: 56-2-11, Phase-III, APIIC Colony, Jawahar Autonagar, Vijayawada – 520007)



The Right to information Act ‘2005 is an Act to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens to secure access to information under the control of public authorities, in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority, the constitution of a Central information Commission and State Information Commissions and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Subject to the provisions of the Act, all the citizens shall have the right to information and Sec.(1)(b) of the Act casts and obligation on each public authority to publish a manual on the functioning of each department. This manual gives a comprehensive idea about the particulars, functions of the Andhra Pradesh State Cooperative Marketing Federation Limited and also the powers and duties of the employees including the channels of supervision and accountability.

This manual contains 17 chapters in all which gives information about the functioning of “THE ANDHRA PRADESH STATE COOPERATIVE MARKETING FEDERATION LIMITED” in a nut shell.


Organization, Functions and Duties
[Section 4(1) (b)(i)]
Name of the Organization Head Office Functions
The Andhra Pradesh State Cooperative Marketing Federation Limited 56-2-11, Phase-III, APIIC Colony, Jawahar Auto Nagar, Vijayawada 520007 Andhra Pradesh State Cooperative Marketing Federation (A.P.MARKFED) was registered on 19-09-1957 under A.P. Co-Operative Societies Act, 1964 and is acting as an apex organization in the cooperative sector to cater to the needs of the farming community though network of member cooperative societies:
Name of the Organization Functions & Duties
The Andhra Pradesh State Cooperative Marketing Federation Limited
  • Helping the farmers / growers to get remunerative prices for their produce by undertaking procurement and marketing activities.
  • Supply of agricultural inputs to farmers & member cooperatives for increased production.
  • Providing storage and custom services to farmers.
  • Promote and setup agro-based units to get value addition to the produce of the farmers & to generate rural employment.
  • Assist, organize or coordinate the marketing and trading activities of its member societies.
  • In furtherance of these objectives, AP Markfed undertakes the following activities.
  • Act as an agent of Govt. of India & Govt. of AP for Procuring Agricultural Commodities under Minimum Support Price (MSP) and Market Intervention Schemes (MIS).
  • Undertake purchase of agricultural commodities like maize, Chillies, Soyabean, Rajmah, pulses.
  • Undertake Supply of Agricultural Inputs like Fertilizers and Gypsum, Zinc Sulphate etc. to farmers through the Network of Primary Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, District Cooperative Marketing Societies, Agricultural Market Committees & Private Dealers etc.
  • Establish agro-based industries like Cattle Feed Mixing Plant as part of value addition to farm products.
  • Raise internal funds through share capital of the member cooperatives & source external funds towards capital investment & working capital requirements by approaching Govt., Commercial Banks, Corporations & Financial institutions like NCDC, NABARD etc.
  • Construct & maintain rural godowns for increased storage space; Offer for rentals its own godowns to farmers, their associations for storage of agricultural produce of the farmers and to cooperatives / traders etc.
  • Create & up-to-date a database of market prices of various agricultural commodities & market intelligence for the use of farmers & cooperatives thro’ Rajiv Internet Kiosks & making them further available on Markfed’s website.


Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees
[Section 4(1) (b)(ii)]

3.1. The details of the powers and duties of Officers and employees of the Authority by designation as follows:

Designation Powers & duties
Managing Director To discharge duties in terms of powers enshrined under bye law No. 22 of A.P.Markfed bye laws subject to the control and authority of the Board of Markfed that includes management of Markfed various establishments, projects and for the general conduct, supervision and management of day to day business and affairs of A.P.Markfed.
General Manager
  1. The Managing Director may assign the following duties and responsibilities to the General Manager subject to the ultimate control and authority being retained by him.
  2. To prepare agenda items and notes for the Meetings of the General Body and the Board of Directors and to Co-ordinate follow up action on the resolutions passed by them.
  3. To act as convener of the executive Committee of Senior Managers to be constituted by the Managing Director and take follow up action on its recommendation.
  4. To deal with such matters and proposals which are of general and transcend normal functions of administrative divisions
  5. Any other functions delegated to him by the Managing Director.

Divisional / Section Heads at H.O. : Responsible for overall planning, execution of schemes/progress/activities and proper fund management as per the Govt. Institutions & G.B & Bound resolutions-Different sections are Administration of HRD, Accounts, Audit, Procurement & Marketing, fertilizers of other input supply, recovery cell etc.,

Dist. Managers in 26 Districts: Responsible with the team of district officials for sourcing information, planning business activities under specific of general activities & coordinate with sections heads & Managing Director, General Manager at Head Office

The Plant Manager at Cattle Feed Mixing Plant, Nandyal District are responsible to the units profitably.


Procedure Followed in Decision making Process
[Section 4(1) (b) (iii)]
Activity Description Decision making process Designation of final decision making authority

The Board of the Markfed is the policy making body and the Managing Director with the help of the Markfed staff will execute the policies and resolutions of the Board to the best advantage of the organization and its members. General Body of Markfed will approve the annual budget for Markfed, the audit report and will review the performance of the Markfed and has powers to amend byelaws.


Norms set for the Discharge of Functions
[Section 4(1) (b) (iv)]
S. No. Function/service Norms/Standards

In procurement activities under MIS and MSP the Govt. of India and the Govt. of A.P respectively will fix the norms and the same are followed, each year In respect of commercial activities done by Markfed, normal business procedures are followed. Depending upon the business potentiality in respective districts for procurement of Agrl. Commodities and Agrl. Input Supply, targets are fixed for earning incomes to meet the administrative overheads.


Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manual and records for Discharging functions Discharging functions
[Section 4(1) (b) (v) & (vi)]
Description Gist of contents Price of the publication if priced

1.Rules & Regulations/Instructions/Manuals/Records

2.The bye laws of AP Markfed is the rule book for all activities. The employees conditions are governed by the Service Regulations of AP Markfed. The manuals & instructions prescribed for MSP/MIS operations and Coop. Audit manual are being followed.


Categories of Documents held by the Public authority under its control
[Section 4(1) (b) (vi)]
S.No Category of document Title of the document Designation & address of the custodian (held by/ under the control of whom)

Markfed maintain the following records:

  1. Minutes books recording the proceedings of the Board/General Body Meetings
  2. Membership register
  3. Various books of accounts pertaining to business transactions & administrative charges.
  4. Audit certificates
  5. Property registers.
  6. Arbitration executives petitions registers.


Arrangement for construction with, or Representation by, the Members of the public in relation to the Formulation of Policy or implementation thereof
[Section 4(1) (b) (vii)]
Sl.No. Function/ service Arrangements for consultation with or representation of public in relations with policy formulation Arrangements for consultation with or representation of public in relations with policy implementation

The General body constituted by all the A-Class members i.e. Dist. Coop. Marketing Societies and Primary Agri. Coop. Societies decides policy issues and its members meet twice in a year.

Both GB and MC meeting resolutions are recorded in the minutes book. Most of the activities of Markfed viz., MSP/MIS/Fertiliser Distribution are governed by Govt guidelines. In all other activities which are mostly business, the resolutions of GB & BOD are followed. However at District level, the O/o D.M, Markfed would periodically interact with the public at procurement centre level to mitigate the difficulties of farmers in sale of their agricultural produce for MSP & MIS.


Statement of Boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part of for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meeting os those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public:
[Section 4 (1)(b)(viii)]
Name of the Board, Council, Committee etc. Composition Nos Powers & Functions Whether its Meetings open to Public/ Minutes of its meetings accessible for Public
Board of A.P.Markfed Chairman: appointed by Govt. of A.P./ Elected by the Societies 1 To occupy the Chair and conduct the proceedings in the Board Meeting Not open to public
Managing Director (appointed by Govt. of A.P.) 1 Chief Executive of the Company and implement the policies as decided by the Government and Board of Directors including day to day affairs of the Corporation.
Govt. of A.P. Nominees:

1) Commissioner of Agriculture

2) Commissioner for Cooperative & Registrar of cooperative

3) Commissioner & Director of Agricultural Marketing

4) General Manager, APCOB

5) Representative from Finance Department

5 To attend the board Meetings and to decide the policies of the Corporation


Directory of Officers and Employees
[Section 4(1) (b) (ix)]
Name, Designation & address of Officer/Employee
Name of the Employee (Sri/Smt) Designation Address Office Telephone nos.
Pradyumna. P.S., I.A.S Managing Director 56-2-11, Phase-III, APIIC Colony, Jawahar Auto Nagar, Vijayawada 520007 0866-2553572
B. Adinarayana General Manager 8978381829
A. Venkateswara Rao Chief Accounts Officer 9959442020
K.B. Venkata Chalam Executive Engineer 9652087655
K.Bala Baskar A.D.A/ Head Procurement 9652034852
Ch. Srinivasa Rao Senior Manager (Fertilizers) 8977522644
I.Karunadevi Gandhiji Manager (Procurement) 9133435333
P.Nagarajeswari Manager (Procurement) 9133435333
N. Nalini Devi Manager 7093685111
KVRN Kishore Special Officer (Procurement) 8341768954
K. Manjula Deputy Manager (Accounts) 8790522099
AG. Vishnu Priya Assistant Manager (HRD) 9177425215
Name, Designation & address of Officer/Employee
S. No. Designation & Place of Working Designated as Office Address Telephone Number
1K. Umapadmaja RamaniDistrict Manager, SrikakulamC/o.T.Madhusudhan Rao, Plot N0:43, Radhakrishna Nagar Colony, Opp: Douglas school Road, Srikakulam-532001. 89783 81831
2Y. Vimala District Manager, VizianagaramD.No.5-16-21, G VENKATARAJU BUILDINGS, NCS ROAD. Vizianagaram-532201 81253 99532
3Sk.YasinDistrict Manager, Manyam District D. No. 6-7-35, Bypass Road, Parvathipuram Manyam District Pincode-535501 89783 81832
4K. RameshDistrict Manager, Visakhapatnam D.No.49-58-19,Green Park Colony, Near Port Stadium, Seethammadhara post, Visakhapatnam530013 89783 81833
5K. RameshDistrict Manager, Alluri Sitharama Raju C/o I.T.D.A. Paderu Alluri Sitharamaraju District Paderu 531024 89783 81833
6K.ArunaDistrict Manager, Anakapalli NTR bellam Market yard, beside Agriculture lab, Anakapalli 531001 91212 99059
7I.ManjuDistrict Manager, KakinadaD.No.70-1-28/2, Beside Super Bazar, Nagamalli Thota Junction, Kakinada-533005 89783 81834
8I.ManjuDistrict Manager, Konaseema Room no 210 Aims engineering college Mummidivaram Konaseema District 533216 89783 81834
9D.PratapDistrict Manager, East Godavari Youth Training Centre Beside Rajahmundry Rural MRO Office Bommuru Rajahmundry rural East Godavari Pin Code :533125 94404 77962
10Ch.L.D.V.Prasad GupthaDistrict Manager, Eluru C/o. Executive Engineer RWS & Division Office, 1st Floor, Collectorate Compound, N.R.Peta Eluru 96520 49106
11P.Subramanya KumarDistrict Manager, West Godavari C/o Agrl market committee, Narasiah agraharam Kumadhavalli Road,Bhimavaram pin 534202 89783 81832
12K.Naga MallikaDistrict Manager, NTR District 40-9/1-14, Ground Floor, Vasavya Nagar, Nirmala Convent Road, Beside Thakshasila IAS Academy, Vijayawada 520010 89783 81836
13B.Murali kishoreDistrict Manager, Krishna DSO building, 1st floor, Collectorate Compound, Machilipatnam, Krishna district 86394 00946
14R.J. Krishna RaoDistrict Manager, Guntur D.No.4-1-45/1, Ramannapet 1st Lane, OPP.LVR Club, Guntur-522002. 89783 81837
15K.Karuna Sri District Manager, Bapatla D.No.8-3-35, 1st Floor, A.G. College Road, Opp.Anjaneyaswami Temple, Bapatla, District 522101. 96526 98763
16R.J. Krishna RaoDistrict Manager, Palnadu Door No. 12-1-11, Between A1 Convention and Subham Function Plaza, Prakash Nagar, Narsaraopeta-522601, Palnadu District. 89783 81837
17K.HarikrishnaDistrict Manager, Prakasam D.No.58-9-2(3), Sarojini Dévi Appartement, Kamasastri Street, Santhapeta, Ongole - 523001 89783 81838
18S.Pavan KumarDistrict Manager, SPSR Nellore MRO Office Compound, Agros Building, 1st Floor, Railway Feeder Road, Nellore-524001. 89783 81839
19G.RajuDistrict Manager, Kurnool D.NO: 87-1022-1, PLT: 19, Sankunthala Kalyna Mandapam Back Side Balaji Nagar, Kurnool-518002 96520 43762
20B.Naga Raju District Manager, Nandyal D.No.30-716A, VIJAY NAGAR, Bommala Sathram, Nandyal-518501 96520 76548
21M.Parameshwaran District Manager, Ananthapuramu D.No.12-4-65, Beside SBH ATM VIDYUT Nagar, Anathapuram-515001, 89783 81841
22S. Geethamma District Manager, Sri Satyasai District, Sri Sathya Sai Dheenajanaordharana pathalam, Kammavaripalli road, Puttaparthy-515134 91007 97320
23M.Parimala JyothiDistrict Manager, YSR Kadapa 1st Floor, DCMS Complex, Near Murali Theater, Nagaraju Peta , Kadapa-516001. 89783 81843
24B.Krishna Sumanth ReddyDistrict Manager, Annamayya District Door No 12, 3rd block, Minority Govt ITI Collage Rajampeta Road Rayachoti 90000 12154
25K. Naveen KumarDistrict Manager, Chittooor D.No.#18/1071, High Road, Chittor-517001 91777 88814
26LLAM TayarammaDistrict Manager, Tirupathi Rooms No:719 & 718, 7th Floor, "B" Block, Padhaamavathi Nilyam, Tiruchanur Road, Nakkala Nagar, Tirupathi District -517501 89783 81842


Monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees including the system of compensation as provided in it s regulations
[Section 4(1) (b) (x) ]
S. No. Name of the Officers (Sri/ Smt) Designation Pay Scale
1B. AdinarayanaGeneral Manager94500-170580
2A. Venkateswara RaoChief Accounts Officer80910-166680
3K.B. Venkata ChalamExecutive Engineer79000-192670
4K.Bala BaskarA.D.A/ Head Procurement65360-154980
5Ch. Srinivasa RaoSenior Manager (Fertilizers)80910-166680
6I.Karunadevi GandhijiManager (Procurement)70850-158880
7P.NagarajeswariManager (Procurement)70850-158880
8N. Nalini DeviManager 70850-158880
9KVRN KishoreSpecial Officer (Procurement)57100-147760
10K. ManjulaDeputy Manager (Accounts)57100-147760
11AG. Vishnu PriyaAsst Manager (HRD)48440-137220
12K. Umapadmaja RamaniDistrict Manager, Srikakulam45830-130580
13Y. Vimala District Manager, Vizianagaram45830-130580
14Sk.YasinDistrict Manager, Manyam District45830-130580
15K. RameshDistrict Manager, Visakhapatnam57100-147760
16K. RameshDistrict Manager, Alluri Sitharama Raju57100-147760
17K.ArunaDistrict Manager, Anakapalli57100-147760
18I.ManjuDistrict Manager, Kakinada70850-158880
19I.ManjuDistrict Manager, Konaseema70850-158880
20D.PratapDistrict Manager, East Godavari45830-130580
21Ch.L.D.V.Prasad GupthaDistrict Manager, Eluru45830-130580
22P.Subramanya KumarDistrict Manager, West Godavari45830-130580
23K.Naga MallikaDistrict Manager, NTR District57100-147760
24B.Murali kishoreDistrict Manager, Krishna61960-151370
25R.J. Krishna RaoDistrict Manager, Guntur70850-158880
26K.Karuna Sri District Manager, Bapatla45830-130580
27R.J. Krishna RaoDistrict Manager, Palnadu70850-158880
28K.HarikrishnaDistrict Manager, Prakasam61960-151370
29S.Pavan KumarDistrict Manager, SPSR Nellore70850-158880
30G.RajuDistrict Manager, Kurnool45830-130580
31B.Naga Raju District Manager, Nandyal48440-137220
32M.Parameshwaran District Manager, Ananthapuramu57100-147760
33S. Geethamma District Manager, Sri Satyasai District45830-130580
34M.Parimala JyothiDistrict Manager, YSR Kadapa45830-130580
35B.Krishna Sumanth ReddyDistrict Manager, Annamayya District61960-151370
36K. Naveen KumarDistrict Manager, Chittooor 61960-151370
37LLAM TayarammaDistrict Manager, Tirupathi57100-147760


Budget allocated to each agency including plans etc.
[Section 4(1) (b) (xi)]
Agency Plan/Programme/Scheme/ Project/Activity/ Purpose for which budget is allocated Proposed expenditure Expected Outcomes Expected out comes Report on disbursements made or where such details are available (website, reports, Notice board etc.)
No budgetary allocation by Govt. for the activities of Markfed. In case of price support operations, funds are availed from commercial banks on the guarantee stood by the Govt. of A.P. for commercial activity of Markfed, the budgetary plan is made by Markfed and approved by the Board and General Body consisting of all constituent member cooperatives.


Manner of Execution of subsidy programmes
[Section 4(1) (b) (xii)]
Name of programme/ activity Nature/scale of subsidy Eligibility criteria for grant of subsidy Designation of officer to grant subsidy
No subsidy programmes are taken up by A.P. Markfed


Particulars of Recipients of Concessions, permit or Authorization Granted by the Public Authority
[Section 4 (1) (b) (xiii)]


Information available in Electronic Form
[Section 4 (1) (b) (xiv)]
Electronic format Description (site address/ location where available etc.) Designation and address of the custodian of Information (held by whom)

The Organization information is available in the following website:

(xv) The particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information, including the working hours of a library or reading room, if maintained for public use:

From concerned District Offices, which addresses are made available on Markfed’s website,


Names, Designations and other particulars of the Public Information Officers
[Section 4 (1) (b) (xvi)]
S. No. Name of the Employee (Sri/Smt) Designation & Place of Working Designated as Tel. No.
1. B. Adinarayana General Manager Appellate Authority 8978381829
2. A.G. Vishnu Priya Assistant Manager(HRD) Public Information Officer 9177425215
The details of the District wise public information officers
S.No Designation & Place of Working Designated as Tel.No.
1K. Umapadmaja RamaniDistrict Manager, Srikakulam8978381831
2Y. Vimala District Manager, Vizianagaram8125399532
3Sk.YasinDistrict Manager, Manyam District8978381832
4K. RameshDistrict Manager, Visakhapatnam8978381833
5K. RameshDistrict Manager, Alluri Sitharama Raju8978381833
6K.ArunaDistrict Manager, Anakapalli9121299059
7I.ManjuDistrict Manager, Kakinada8978381834
8I.ManjuDistrict Manager, Konaseema8978381834
9D.PratapDistrict Manager, East Godavari9440477962
10Ch.L.D.V.Prasad GupthaDistrict Manager, Eluru9652049106
11P.Subramanya KumarDistrict Manager, West Godavari8978381832
12K.Naga MallikaDistrict Manager, NTR District8978381836
13B.Murali kishoreDistrict Manager, Krishna8639400946
14R.J. Krishna RaoDistrict Manager, Guntur8978381837
15K.Karuna Sri District Manager, Bapatla9652698763
16R.J. Krishna RaoDistrict Manager, Palnadu8978381837
17K.HarikrishnaDistrict Manager, Prakasam8978381838
18S.Pavan KumarDistrict Manager, SPSR Nellore8978381839
19G.RajuDistrict Manager, Kurnool9652043762
20B.Naga Raju District Manager, Nandyal9652076548
21M.Parameshwaran District Manager, Ananthapuramu8978381841
22S. Geethamma District Manager, Sri Satyasai District9100797320
23M.Parimala JyothiDistrict Manager, YSR Kadapa8978381843
24B.Krishna Sumanth ReddyDistrict Manager, Annamayya District9000012154
25K. Naveen KumarDistrict Manager, Chittooor 9177788814
26LLAM TayarammaDistrict Manager, Tirupathi8978381842


Other Information
[Section 4 (1) (b) (xvii)]

(xvii) Such other information as may be prescribed; and thereafter upto date these publications every year:> All the merchandise information like activities and relevant information etc are available in A.P.Markfed’s website @ And